How to cancel bet on Bet9ja

Many bettors on different occasions accidentally submit their bets without checking well what they are submitting. This cancellation can only happen in two ways. The first instance is the bookmaker, and the other way is via the punter. This will only happen before the player confirms the bet or before the betting site accepts your bet. So, be keen to check the bets right before you click on submit button. Since this is the only point where cancellation can be done. If you had accidentally clicked, confirm the bet, then go ahead and cancel stop the bet from being placed.

Cancel Bet On Bet9ja

What if I want to cancel using SMS?

Bet9ja allows players to cancel using an SMS. This applies to those players who bet the specific bet id’s via SMS. This type of cancellation is not the same as that of a website since it uses USSD technology. With the USSD technology, it gives the player the privilege to cancel the message while still sending. This means you need to act quickly to make sure the codes do not get to the site.

The process of canceling using SMS is not easy in places where the network coverage is inadequate. This is because the USSD technology sends messages in a swift way. To make the changes, log in to your USSD ID, adjust your codes as you want them to be.