How to cancel bet on Betway

Every player has been in a scenario where they placed a bet that they wished they could not have done so. The sensation that comes with it is not exciting at all. It is good to learn these simple things to help you avoid going loses on things that are rectifiable. Some betting sites allow you to edit your bets, whereas others do not have the feature to do so.

For Betway, the truth of the matter is, once you place your bet, there are no chances of editing them. A player may select several bets such as multi-bets, single bets, live bets and much more. The player maybe doing some research to enable him to maximize his/her profits while minimizing on loses. In the process of selecting several bets he accidentally clicks, what we advise is, before clicking on submit button ensure you check the bets.

Betway Website

Perhaps you may have pressed the submit button, be swift enough to cancel the bet before the codes are sent to the bookmaker. In instances where you feel it was a serious mistake done, you can contact the website as soon as possible. The site may try to weigh the complaint and if they see it’s a genuine case, then they will see a way to help you out. Remember, as a player and your main goal is to earn cash and avoid such errors.