How to reset password on Bet365

It is okay to forget password and usernames. Sometimes we get so occupied to the extent of forgetting the password we initially placed in for us to log in to accounts. This mostly happens in circumstances where players have stayed long without visiting the site or placed a hard password not easy to remember. This is a feature that most players should be cautious in checking. Since you do not want a scenario you placed a bet, then the game wins but unfortunately, you cannot remember the password and the site does not have reset feature.

reset password on Bet365

We have seen situations where a player creates a new email for him/her to be able to register with a bookmaker. The player fills details for the sake of filling and cannot remember their password o email. This is damn because without email then retrieving your password will be complicated and chances are you will lose your profits. Always save your email, and if possible, ensure you put a 2-way authentication process to tighten your security. The steps of reset are simple, here is how to go about it:

  1. Log in to bet365 casino.
  2. Then go to services tap at the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the members’ area.
  4. Click my account.
  5. Select your password.

Also, you can try by clicking lost login and follow the simple steps.