How to reset password on Betway

Many a time, we do forget some vital passwords that need us to log in to a particular website. It is normal to forgot because our brains are not machine programmed in a way that they will remember everything. This is why many websites have this feature of forgot password, sites without this feature can be considered a scam. The reset can happen in two ways, either the bookmaker helps you retrieve via mail or SMS.

That is why it is good to always use your valid phone number. At times, players want to hide their identity by using apps that autogenerate phone numbers. What if you forget the phone number generated? What will you do to retrieve your password? Those are key questions to think about. Consider online betting serious just the same way you keep your documents confidential, then emails and telephone number should be taken with serious attention.

Login Form on Betway Website

The Betway reset procedure is easy and will take you seconds to do so.

  • Login to your Betway site and click forgot password.
  • The page will redirect you to the side shown via the screenshot.
Insert your phone number
  • Insert your phone number and the country code is already there, so, just insert the other digits.
  • You will receive an SMS notification. Alternatively, every county has an SMS number sms your desired password and get ready to use your account again.